Ilustruese: Ushtarët e IDF kërkojnë të mbijetuarit në një ndërtesë që u rrëzua gjatë një tërmeti që goditi Meksikën në 24 Shtator 2017. (Forcat e Mbrojtjes së Izraelit)
Albanians and the Jewish people – bonds of friendship that transcend time

Though the times were critical, the show of friendship toward Albanians was heartwarming.

A new chapter in the history of Albania

Speech of Rabbi Yoel Kaplan, Chief Rabbi of Albania at the “Religion as an Instrument of Peace” conference, organised by the President of the Republic of Albania Ilir Meta, in cooperation with US State Department in Tirana.

NORMAN GERSHMAN – There is more than meets the eye

I was privileged to meet Norman exactly once, on February 19, 2019. We met in The Palace, an aptly named assisted living facility in Coral Gables. Having made phone contact a few weeks prior to my visit,  I introduced myself as a New York rabbi living in Albania. He became as eager to meet me as I was to meet him.

Kosovar envoy Vlora Citaku: ‘Our people look up to Israel’

Vlora Çitaku, Kosovo’s ambassador to the United States

Albania’s top envoy in Israel: From enemies to best friends

Bardhyl Canaj, Albania’s ambassador to Israel

No greater friend

The anti-Israeli voices on the fringes of US politics are nothing more than a flash in the pan. Israel has always enjoyed bipartisan support in America. This is what genuine, ironclad support looks like. A love story that is grounded in shared values and a shared ethos.

Kosovo highlights pro-Israel position as US investors visit

The $300,000 museum-synagogue project is spearheaded by Votem Demiri, the 72-year-old patriarch of Kosovo’s Jewish community. His daughter, Ines Demiri, an official at Kosovo’s consulate-general in New York, organized the business delegation to Prishtinë and Prizren as well as its members’ meetings with Prime Minister Haradinaj and other top officials.

Arab world prefers stability in Israel

Prof. Eyal Zisser is a lecturer in the Middle East History Department at Tel Aviv University.