Trump: U.S. Will Retain Some Troops in Syria for Now to ‘Protect Israel’

Trump also suggested the continued U.S. presence in Iraq would be a bulwark against Iran’s influence in the region

We Share Responsibility for Holocaust, Austrian President Tells Israel

Ahead of Alexander Van der Bellen’s visit, Israel reiterates that foreign minister Karin Kneissl, who belongs to the far-right Freedom Party, is unwelcome

Netanyahu Will Most Likely Attend Bolsonaro’s Inauguration in Brazil, Israeli Official Says

The Albanians Leave Their Bunkers

It was the autumn of 1993, just weeks after the Oslo Accords were signed. The conciliation in the Middle East was on everyone’s lips, from Northern Ireland to the Basque Region and the Balkans. Shimon Peres, the indefatigable foreign minister, was basking in international fame and acclaim.