Albanian President Ilir Meta lauds ‘fantastic’ Israel ties

Albanian President Ilir Meta, at left, greets his Israeli counterpart, President Reuven Rivlin, at the official presidential residence in Jerusalem

Kosovar envoy Vlora Citaku: ‘Our people look up to Israel’

Vlora Çitaku, Kosovo’s ambassador to the United States

Kosovo highlights pro-Israel position as US investors visit

The $300,000 museum-synagogue project is spearheaded by Votem Demiri, the 72-year-old patriarch of Kosovo’s Jewish community. His daughter, Ines Demiri, an official at Kosovo’s consulate-general in New York, organized the business delegation to Prishtinë and Prizren as well as its members’ meetings with Prime Minister Haradinaj and other top officials.

With US help, Muslim-majority Kosovo plans its first synagogue and Jewish museum

Though today home to just under 60 Jews, the state — which vies for international recognition — boasts a community that dates back to prior to the Spanish Inquisition