“Great Believer in People-to-People Relations”

Interview of the Ambassador of Israel to Albania, Noah Gal Gendler, with “Albanian Daily News” newspaper

Albania – Israel 30-year Anniversary

Albania and Israel celebrate the 30-year journey through cordial diplomatic relations, simultaneous high-level visits and by many signed agreements and memorandums.

Ambassador Noah Gal Gendler: “Luarasi” University, a model of cooperation with prestigious Israeli companies

The Ambassador of Israel to Albania, Noah Gal Gendler, visited the University “Luarasi” on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Israel.

Making Peace and Winning the War Against Coronavirus

The peace agreement between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain is a historic moment that brings together the most advanced states in the Middle East for the good of humanity – By Noah Gal Gendler, Ambassador of Israel to Albania

Albania, only country with more Jews after the Holocaust, inaugurates memorial

Tirana honors victims, and locals who protected Jews; country was occupied by Nazis, but none of its Jews were killed or handed over

Israeli Ambassador to Tirana, Noah Gal Gendler: Confident the Economy Will Bounce Back

Israeli Ambassador to Tirana, Noah Gal Gendler invited to share with readers of Albanian Daily News some opinions on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic as well as its expected economic impact worldwide.

Begins Office Term in Albania, Ruci Receives Gendler in Meeting

Albanian Speaker of Parliament, Gramoz Ruci received this Wednesday in meeting Ambassador of Israel in Albania, Noah Gal Gendler on the occasion of assuming his term of office in the country.

Earthquake-Predicting Device to Launch in Market, said Israeli ambassador Gendler

Good news has arrived on Monday, with Ambassador of Israel to Albania, Noah Gal Gendler officially confirming device that tracks earthquakes 8-12 hours in advance will be released within a year

President Accepts Israel New Ambassador’s Credential Letters

The President of the Republic of Albania Ilir Meta received this Friday the new Ambassador of the State of Israel to Albania, Noah Gal Gendler, who presented his Credential Letters.