This Holocaust survivor turned architect designed a memorial honoring Albanians who saved Jews

Stephen B. Jacobs for several years he worked to design a Holocaust memorial for Albania’s capital. Unveiled last month at the entrance to the Grand Park of Tirana, the simple memorial features three stone plaques — in Albanian, English and Hebrew — that highlight the stories of Albanians who saved Jews during World War II.

Remembering the past / Building new bridges – Israel & Albania

The recent inauguration of the Holocaust Memorial in Tirana, Albania drew acclaim from Jewish leaders in Israel and abroad. This memorial represents an advancement in the already warm relations between Israel and Albania.

Albania, only country with more Jews after the Holocaust, inaugurates memorial

Tirana honors victims, and locals who protected Jews; country was occupied by Nazis, but none of its Jews were killed or handed over

Albania honors locals who rescued Jews during the Holocaust with memorial

The Albanians protected the Jews despite Nazi German forces occupying the country.

How a Jewish doctor found his home in Prizren

The history of Dr. Josef Teitelbaum and his family in Kosovo

Heroism of Albanian Muslims during Shoah showcased at Yad Vashem Board exhibit

Qirjako Qirko, ambassador from the Muslim majority country, spoke of Albania’s protection for Jews during the Holocaust being a ‘excellent example of humanity’

Holocaust International Day, Williams: Albanians an Extraordinary Example

Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) organized this Thursday in the ‘Bunk’Art2’, an remembrance activity for the Holocaust International Day.

Holocaust’s Victims, Such Genocides Shouldn’t Happen Again – President Meta Says

President of the Republic, Ilir Meta attended on Sunday the ceremony of the annunciation of Albania “Home of Life” by the International Foundation “Raoul Wallenberg”, on the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Katzir’s Film Says ‘Thank You’ to Albanian People

The program for the endowing event of the Honorary title of ‘House of Life’ to Albania will include the premiere screening of the new film “The Albanian Code” by Professor Yael Katzir which unfolds the story of the rescue not of a single family by a single good hearted Albanian family but it gives, on the one hand, the big picture and, on the other, there is a rescued woman in Albania who comes to say thank you to the Albanian People.

Nuro Hoxha, Albanian teacher who rescued Jews during the Holocaust

Nuro Hoxha was a well-respected teacher in the village of Tërbaç, near Vlorë in Albania. In September 1943, when the Germans occupied Albania, Hoxha went to warn his long-time friend Ilia Solomoni of the danger to the Jews. Solomoni had nowhere to go and did not know what to do, so Hoxha offered to hide Solomoni and his family in his two-storey house in Tërbaç.