Roy Roznek: Sympathy of Kosovo for the State of Israel is very great

Republic of Kosovo you were kind to me. That’s how I decided to start the amount of my official visit to the country.

The Balkan Friends of the Jews

Shay Avshalom Zavdi is AJC ACCESS Israel Director and AJC Israel Director of Media Relations

Akri Çipa: U.S. Engagement Key to the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

The Biden administration was strategic and effective in the latest Israel-Hamas conflict. American leadership shows once again to be critical to stability and peace in the Mideast.

“The Promised Land” Israel recognizes the Republic of Kosovo, “Dardanian Land”

The effects of the September 4, 2020 agreement in Washington and the recognition of Kosovo by Israel – By Lieutenant Colonel Fatos Haziri, Doctor of Legal Science.

Eliran Ben Yair: Israel and Kosovo, two similar countries with rich culture

‏Not many Israelis have been to Kosovo yet so they do not recognize the great similarities that exist between the two countries, but thanks to this agreement, the two peoples will finally be able to connect.

Israel, Kosova and the Albanians: Diplomacy & Lobbying

Does Israel benefit a lot as well by this mutual recognition with Kosova? YES. – from Avni Dervishi, Advisor for European & Global Affairs

Making Peace and Winning the War Against Coronavirus

The peace agreement between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain is a historic moment that brings together the most advanced states in the Middle East for the good of humanity – By Noah Gal Gendler, Ambassador of Israel to Albania

Tu B’Shvat – Even Trees Need A New Year Celebration

Today is the 15th of the month of Shvat. Since ancient times it is designated as the New Year of trees.  You might say, why do trees need a New Year of their own?

Albanian President Ilir Meta lauds ‘fantastic’ Israel ties

Albanian President Ilir Meta, at left, greets his Israeli counterpart, President Reuven Rivlin, at the official presidential residence in Jerusalem

Ilustruese: Ushtarët e IDF kërkojnë të mbijetuarit në një ndërtesë që u rrëzua gjatë një tërmeti që goditi Meksikën në 24 Shtator 2017. (Forcat e Mbrojtjes së Izraelit)
Albanians and the Jewish people – bonds of friendship that transcend time

Though the times were critical, the show of friendship toward Albanians was heartwarming.