Rabbi Yisroel Finman “We Need to Pay the Albanian People Back

Like many immigrants to Albania, Rabbi Yisroel Finman came here by accident, but then found himself inexplicably drawn to the country, and with no desire to leave.

President Proud that Not a Single Jewish Handled to Nazis

President of the Republic, Ilir Meta emphasized this Friday he is proud that in Albania not a single Jewish was allowed to fall in the hands of Nazis, during Holocaust. This declaration was made as President Meta awarded this Friday “Grand Master” Title to economist, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes.

In Albania, a unique Jewish history museum on the brink

A tiny shop in the southern town of Berat tells the remarkable story of the only Nazi-occupied state that had more Jews after WWII than before

Heroism of Albanian Muslims during Shoah showcased at Yad Vashem Board exhibit

Qirjako Qirko, ambassador from the Muslim majority country, spoke of Albania’s protection for Jews during the Holocaust being a ‘excellent example of humanity’

Veseli and Fatima Veseli and their children: Refik, Hamid and Xhemal

The Mandil family came from Yugoslavia, where Moshe owned a flourishing photography shop. When the Germans invaded Yugoslavia in April 1941, the family fled to the Kosovo province that was under Italian control, where the Jews were relatively protected. Towards the end of the summer of 1942 the fugitives were moved deeper into the Italian controlled area – into Albania – where the majority of the population was Muslim.

Albania’s untold story

By Heba Aly, Contributor Fritzi Weitzmann Owens came from a “cultured city.” So in 1938,.

Edelstein: Albania proves Israel can have good ties with Muslim countries

Albania is proof that Israel can have good relations with Muslim countries, Knesset Speaker Yuli.

Albania-Israel Sign Agreement on Direct Flight Tirana-Tel Aviv

The new nonstop air route Tirana-Tel Aviv, that will start operating on April 13, is.

Albania and Israel deepen bilateral cooperation

Prime Minister Edi Rama, along with Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati and Minister of.

Remembering an earlier refugee crisis, and a family who risked their lives to help

By Tara Bahrampour April 23, 2017 In 1943, when Refik Veseli, a photographer’s apprentice, smuggled.