“The Promised Land” Israel recognizes the Republic of Kosovo, “Dardanian Land”

The effects of the September 4, 2020 agreement in Washington and the recognition of Kosovo by Israel – By Lieutenant Colonel Fatos Haziri, Doctor of Legal Science.

By Lieutenant Colonel Fatos Haziri
Doctor of Legal Science


The effects of the September 4, 2020 agreement in Washington and the recognition of Kosovo (Dardanian Land) by Israel, and the return of the Republic of Kosovo’s reciprocity for the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital produced an extremely large effect for both regional and global diplomacy.

Kosovo with its territory and geopolitical position has been and could be used for more serious geopolitical consequences in the region that would affect not only security and peace in the Balkans, because even so the Balkans have never been safe, but also affecting the world balance by initially threatening Europe.

Fatos Haziri has been on a study visit to Israel from February 1-10, 2008, at the seminar on “Money laundering” organized by TAIEX and the Tax Administration and Customs of Israel.


But what I want to emphasize with this article are the similarities and differences between Israel and Kosovo:

Israelis and Albanians are one of the most persecuted nations in human history.

They are persecuted, killed, committed genocide. Due to their survival, they were forced to emigrate from their lands (“Promised Land” – Israel and “Dardanian Land” – Kosovo) and spread around the world. The friendship between Jews and Albanians did not develop only after World War II, when Albanians in Albania and Kosovo opened their doors to Jews persecuted by the Nazi regime.

The absolute majority of the prophets in the Torah, the Bible, the Qur’an are Jews and even Jesus Christ is the Jew who was killed in Jerusalem.While from the Albanian Nation we had 4 Popes (Pope Saint Eleutherius (175-189), Pope Saint Caius (283-296), Pope John IV (640-642) Pope Clement XI (1700-1721)[1] and Saint Mother Teresa.[2]

About 60 Islamic countries in the world, with over one million km2 of territory are hindered only by the state of Israel with a little more than 20,000km2.It is similar for Kosovo where some states Serbia, and some other states are still hindered by the new reality – the state of Kosovo but not Israel which did not forget the support of Albanians during the Second World War in defense of the Israeli people.

The Jewish community, officially recognized as a religious community in Albania and Kosovo, will have all the necessary support from the Albanian state of Kosovo and their institutions in the practice of Judaism in our countries.[1]

Israel had its charismatic personality David Ben Gurion who won the worship of the populist Israeli masses who was later honored as the “Father of the Nation”. While Kosovo had the equally charismatic personality Ibrahim Rugova who acted with wisdom, wisdom and intellect to create and the support of Western friends for the Independence of Kosovo.

The official recognition of the Jewish community in Albania and Kosovo are clear indicators not only of the very good friendly and traditional relations that exist between our countries, but serve to strengthen them, as well as to consolidate and advance between peoples and civilizations.The Israelis are the nation that has given the most to humanity with useful discoveries for humanity in science, medicine, philosophy, religion, economics, technology, finance, as well as from us we have two NOBEL awards NOBEL Ferid Murati for medicine and St. Teresa with opportunity for the third in Literature by Kadare.

During the Kosovo war for Liberation from Serbia, 1998-1999 we had the great help of the state of Israel and the Israeli Lobby in the world and especially from the USA, where they held key, decision-making positions in the US political, financial and military establishment, in favor of military intervention in support of the liberation of Kosovo.Also during the Second World War it was the Albanians who helped the Israelis greatly by saving them from mass killings. This is a sign that shows that everyone loves peace, realizing that it is not a slogan, but that they have it in their heart.And this is a very positive aspect, which raises great hopes! It cannot start and end only here, in Jerusalem, Prishtina or Tirana. We hope that this peace movement will unite millions of people.

Kosovo’s emphasis on a Muslim-majority country was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only for the geopolitical purposes outlined above, and there is essentially nothing about the Muslim faith of Albanians.Therefore we can conclude that Religious Belief is a personal and social relationship is not a concern, but if it is used or misused for geopolitical interests and becomes a model of state policies, then the concern is serious.

So the use of the term “Muslim country” has not been against us, but has been a signal to others who want to use religion to rule us as they have done in the past.

An interesting argument I read in the “Jerusalem Post”: Since Serbia has been in the same room where the agreement was signed which provides for the recognition of Kosovo statehood by Israel, it has tacitly and indirectly agreed with the Independence of Kosovo and we also return, eventually to the West. The bottom line is that Israel put history in its place with the recognition of Kosovo.

Fatos Haziri has been on a study visit to Israel from February 1-10, 2008, at the seminar on “Money laundering” organized by TAIEX and the Tax Administration and Customs of Israel.


Differences between Israel and Kosovo

Innovations, Israel has the largest number of companies created in relation to the population and this dominates in the sphere of hi-tech, which shows the highly developed spirit of entrepreneurship. In addition, the high motivation for work distinguishes this place in relation to others. Israel is the first country in the world in terms of budget allocated for research and development (in relation to GDP). Since its establishment, Israel has had 7 wars as well as numerous problems, including various embargoes, etc.They created the state without the help of any foreign soldiers and won the wars based on the concept that “we must defend ourselves” (Israel is one of the few countries in the world with compulsory military service over 18 months and where the costs for protection are at the level of 10% of GDP).Israel is very poor in minerals, oil and gas, has almost no other resources at all. In these circumstances, as President Shimon Peres would say, the only capital we had at our disposal was human capital, but also the great courage to turn the unfavorable circumstances in our favor.

Thus, e.g. it is interesting the way the Israeli aviation industry was created in the early fifties. When this idea was first introduced to the Government it provoked strong reaction and oppositions.The economic situation at that time was dire and the country could not even provide enough eggs and milk. Even one of the main ministers of the Government refused with a logical reason, saying: Today we cannot even produce bicycles, let alone dream about this industry. But the decision was made and this industry began its development through the creation of the state-owned enterprise which quickly managed to become a very large employer.Today the Israeli aviation industry is a global leader in this field (it started with the purchase of old and used aircraft, their repair and renovation). This case is illustrative (there are many other identical cases within the development history of the Israeli economy) because it shows the proper course of action in the case of important enterprises and major decisions.Although there was no majority in voting for this decision, they did not prevent those who reasoned it by believing in their own judgment and concept, (and the main inventor of this concept was Shimon Peres, although at the time did not have a high state function).Not only people, but also nations and states learn from each other, on the one hand by not repeating mistakes, on the other hand by taking positive experiences.

Israel is an opportunity from which others can learn many things and how even the most unfavorable circumstances at work can not only be eliminated but also turned into priorities.

Therefore, these features from Israel should be oriented with a vision on the most important issues, which deserve the attention of our politics, youth, patriots, coordination with the interests of the international factor, always in defense of National interests.

Increasing influence in the Western Balkans region should be the focus of Kosovo’s long-term, medium-term and short-term strategic advancement and development.
The protection of national interests must be the cornerstone and source of national power.
A strong state, which protects national interests in the region where priorities should be set as:

  • Establishment of the Center for Strategic Studies and Interest in increasing economic power;
  • Support of the Republic of Kosovo, towards a strong and prosperous state;
  • Support of Albanians in the southern Serbia;
  • Support of Albanians in Montenegro;
  • Advancing and protecting the interests of Albanians in the Republic of Northern Macedonia;
  • Respect for the rights of communities and minorities in Albanian lands; and
  • Focus on the potentials of the Albanian Diaspora in national development;

The model of security for Kosovo should be Israel – the preconditions for the creation of a strong and stable state

First of all, the SWOT analysis should be done and we should set the priorities and they are: security, public order and security, law enforcement and an advanced judicial system that makes the difference and all these I believe that there should be a model state of Israel which I appreciate that it has achieved these objectives in a fantastic way which, in addition to economic development, first of all managed to make a difference with the work, creation and advancement in the security sector.

These similarities that Israel had recently all the barriers it had with the Arab states reached some peace agreements first had with Egypt and Jordan then finally with the UAE and Bahrain and other countries are expected to continue establishing peace in the Middle East region, so that they gradually overcame the differences and the dangers and threats they had between themselves and the Arab countries.The same should happen with the Talks between Kosovo and Serbia, which had a beginning in Brussels but which took off in Washington on September 4, 2020, where several agreements were reached in the economy and will have an impact in the political, economic, educational aspect, diplomacy, energy, environment and in almost all spheres of life in creating security in the region.

The Albanian element in the Second State

While the Albanian state has made significant progress in membership in the UN, NATO, OSCE and is approaching the negotiations for EU membership, it is time for Kosovo as the second Albanian state to invest in security and technology that advance the advantages in the region from threats and risks, external and internal and the Israeli model would be a major priority in order to strengthen the state in the first place but also to contribute to peace and security in the Western Balkans region.

What do we expect in Kosovo from Israel and the partnership between the two countries

It is known that Israel is a place of sacrifice, of science and innovation, a place of dreams and realizations,simply said it is an example in the world, so with mutual recognition we expect cooperation in many areas such as: security, education, especially cooperation between universities in exchange of experiences and exchange of academic programsand student exchange and visiting professors, technology, agriculture and investments of Israeli companies in Kosovo.

First of all, the provision of services and the movement of people and capital will be a very positive impact in Kosovo.

The political-economic partnership between Kosovo and Israel will be in the focus of both countries, it is well known that Kosovo is the first European country to recognize Jerusalem – Capital of Israel, another is the potential of Kosovo is its youth which has youth with vision and values pro-western, examples are art, sports, music with names like: Arta Dobroshi, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Majlinda Kelmendi, Haxhi (Robin) Krasniqi, Fadil Vokrri, Aziz Salihu, Lah Nimani, Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka, Lorik Cana etc.



[2]Më 4 shtator 2016 u bë shenjtërimi i Nënë Terezës.


About the author Fatos Haziri

The author has been on a study visit to Israel from 1-10 February 2008, in the seminar on: “Money laundering” organized by TAIEX and the Tax Administration and Customs of Israel. He is a doctor of legal sciences at the University “Hasan Prishtina”. He has been working in the Kosovo Police since 2000, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.He is also a professor at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (lectures: Information Security and Policing and Police Authorizations) and at UBT College in the Law program (Cyber Crime)

The writing is authorial and does not directly express the views of the organization where he works.


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