PM Rama Travels to Israel to Discuss Cyber Security Issues

Prime Minister Edi Rama will travel to Israel this Sunday to hold meetings with cyber security experts and Israeli officials. 

Prime Minister Edi Rama will travel to Israel this Sunday to hold meetings with cyber security experts and Israeli officials. 

Rama will be accompanied by several Albanian ministers and is expected to meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Yair Lapid, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and politician Mickey Levy. At the center of the discussions will be the cyberattack of Iranian state-sponsored hackers that hit the servers of the Albanian state causing blockage of services and data leakage. 

On September 9, the TIMS system at the border crossing points was hit by a cyber attack. During this time, hackers have extracted other data, related to the MEMEX or TIMS system, but the State Police has denied that the databases made public are the official data where the files of the State Police are stored. The Albanian government has cut off relations with Iran, and even expelled the staff of the embassy in Tirana. Rama blamed Iran for the cyber attack that the country suffered in early July.

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