Ambassador Ines Demiri: The medical treatment of three children from Kosova in Israel, successfully completed

The medical treatment of three children from the Republic of Kosova at the Sylvan Adams Children’s Hospital, in Holon, the State of Israel, is successfully completed.

Kosovar products “Bibita” in the Israeli market. Gruda: We are present in 40 countries

“BIBITA Group”, the Soft Drinks Factory based in Peja is the first company that has reached an agreement to export its wide range of products to the market of over 9 million inhabitants of Israel.

“The Promised Land” Israel recognizes the Republic of Kosovo, “Dardanian Land”

The effects of the September 4, 2020 agreement in Washington and the recognition of Kosovo by Israel – By Lieutenant Colonel Fatos Haziri, Doctor of Legal Science.

Israel and Kosovo, two similar countries with rich culture

‏Not many Israelis have been to Kosovo yet so they do not recognize the great similarities that exist between the two countries, but thanks to this agreement, the two peoples will finally be able to connect.

Israel, Kosova and the Albanians: Diplomacy & Lobbying

Does Israel benefit a lot as well by this mutual recognition with Kosova? YES. – from Avni Dervishi, Advisor for European & Global Affairs

Israel’s model make Kosovo stronger and developed

Israel’s recognition of Kosovo should be a feeling of joy because it defines gratitude and recognition. This is especially true for Kosovo as a state. The Albanians and the people of Kosovo in this new development of building relations and developing these relations have gained not just recognition but a guarantor of cooperation and partnership, which brings progress and development. In addition, a reference point is the model of a strong state like Israel, which was internationally recognized immediately after the World War ll.

Trump Admin Negotiates Historic Serbia-Kosovo Peace Accord

The two nations have agreed to normalize economic relations 21 years after a bloody conflict tore them apart. – By Dr. Munr Kazmir, Vice President of American Jewish Congress

Kosovo is a test of Israel’s moral character

In the 1990s, 10,000 Kosovo Albanians died and about one million were displaced as a result of Serbia’s aggression.

Kosovo designates Hezbollah as a terrorist entity

Last year, Kosovo designated its military wing as a terrorist group, but following a proposal by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the parliament decided to designate its political wing as one as well.

The new Israeli government should finally recognize Kosovo

Despite Kosovo’s continuous efforts – and its people’s sincere admiration for the Jewish state – Israel has so far refused to establish relations with the youngest country in Europe.