Valentina Leskaj has joined the Advisory Board of Combat Anti-Semitism Movement

Former Albanian Government Minister Valentina Leskaj has joined the Advisory Board of Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM)

This Holocaust survivor turned architect designed a memorial honoring Albanians who saved Jews

Stephen B. Jacobs for several years he worked to design a Holocaust memorial for Albania’s capital. Unveiled last month at the entrance to the Grand Park of Tirana, the simple memorial features three stone plaques — in Albanian, English and Hebrew — that highlight the stories of Albanians who saved Jews during World War II.

Rabbi Yisroel Finman “We Need to Pay the Albanian People Back

Like many immigrants to Albania, Rabbi Yisroel Finman came here by accident, but then found himself inexplicably drawn to the country, and with no desire to leave.

Remembering the past / Building new bridges – Israel & Albania

The recent inauguration of the Holocaust Memorial in Tirana, Albania drew acclaim from Jewish leaders in Israel and abroad. This memorial represents an advancement in the already warm relations between Israel and Albania.

Albania, only country with more Jews after the Holocaust, inaugurates memorial

Tirana honors victims, and locals who protected Jews; country was occupied by Nazis, but none of its Jews were killed or handed over

Albania honors locals who rescued Jews during the Holocaust with memorial

The Albanians protected the Jews despite Nazi German forces occupying the country.

Addressing AJC Virtual Global Forum, Albania Prime Minister Rama Recalls WWII Rescue of Jews

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Global Forum.

Hasani farm in Lundra/ Israeli drip irrigation technology thanks to government’s National Agriculture Support Scheme

here has been an increasing demand for Israeli drip irrigation technology as it created the best method of irrigation in agriculture. The goal of the system is to eliminate wasting water. The system consists of valves that control the drops of water and have to be very precisely spaced along the irrigation lines.

Israeli Foreign Ministry hosted the Balkan’s ambassadors and Think Creative to promote tourism

At the initiative of the Director of the Balkan Department at the Israeli MFA, Dan Oryan, Balkan Ambassadors accredited to Israel, held a meeting with the company “Think Creative.”

Meeting with Chair of the Albanian Jewish Community Association in Israel

Ambassador Canaj had fruitful talks today, with the Chairwoman of the Albanian-Jewish Community in Israel. Felicita Yakoel.